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蜗牛数字成立于2000年,是中国最早的3D虚拟数字技术研发 企业之一,自主研发的游戏作品涵盖PC端游、移动端游戏、网页 游戏、主机游戏、AR/VR游戏等多个领域,在全球150多个国 家与地区发行,全球注册用户超过2亿人,致力于成为最好的 虚拟世界缔造商。

Suzhou Snail Digital Technology CoLtd(abbreviation: Snail Digital) was established in 2000.As the earliest enterprise engaged in the research and development of 3D virtual digital technology in ChinaSnail Digital has developedgames covering PC, mobile, intelligent hardware,VRAR Al and other fields.Its products have been successfully operated inmore than 150 countries ano reaions around the world and accumulated reaistered users of more than 20 million. Snail Digital's vision is always to become the best virtual world architect

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Within the tiny shell of a snail lie great dreams.
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Born to Dream
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